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Did an art trade with the sweet :iconpixelatedfairy: ;u; here's her character Dominicus! >u< I really enjoyed drawing him! :'D ( though you dont know how close he was to having sleeves til i took a closer look at his design and went "oh wait, those are GLOVES so he DONT have sleeves, okay!
) I hope you like it :heart: thanks again for the art trade! we should do one again sometime!Meow-thank You 

go look at how she drew my baby Catnip ;A;
PixelatedFairy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
aaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!! WOW WOW!! My baby son!! Q-Q he looks absolutely terrific omg!!!! I really really absolutely adore your style and I think this turned out so great!!! :iconloveloveplz:

And it's okay!! :la: I'm glad you were able to catch it before it was too late. :')

Thanks again so much for the art trade!!!  Yeah yeah--- I'd love to do another one sometime soon! :D It was lots of fun trading with you!
Forev-Amore Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
YAYY!! ;A; thanks so much, im glad you like it!!Kaori Eating Icon 

yeah im glad i caught it too :') i would have probably screamed if i outlined him with sleeves then realize what i did wrong x'D lolz coloring him was alot of fun!!! :'D i played around with layering for his skin tone a bit -v-

and you're welcome! :la: I was honestly needing something to draw and this art trade helped me out of my art block! :heart: so thank YOU! XD lolz and yay! :la: message me when you feel like doing one again >u< it can be sooner than later lolz
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March 19
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